Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hangout Music Festival

Only one short day to go until Hangout Music Festival, and we couldn't be more excited!  This festival is a great event that brings awesome music to Gulf Shores, AL and generates a lot of revenue for the city.  Below you'll find inspiration/tips on what to pack for Hangout or whatever other festivals you might be traveling to.

(photo from the Hangout website)

First and foremost, SUNSCREEN.  There is nothing more chic than protecting your skin!  We like Elta's entire line of products, but the facial cleanser and sunscreens are some of the best.  You'll be in the hot sun all day so it is important to take care of your skin, reapplying sunscreen when needed and thoroughly cleansing it at night.
EltaMD UV Aero SPF 45
EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser

Now let's start from the top!  A hat is a necessity when spending the entire day in the sun.  Choose one that is functional (shields your eyes/face from the sun) yet fashionable.  These two options are relatively inexpensive and adorable!
Urban Outfitters Packable Fedora Hat $29.00
Jcrew Panama Hat $58.00

Sunglasses are one of our favorite accessories and in our opinion, crucial for everyday life.  They are great for adding that extra something to a casual outfit, and with so many different styles available, it's not hard to find a great pair (or 5!).  We've listed a few different options.  House of Harlow 1960 makes fabulous sunnies, but you can find similar styles for less money.
HoH1960 Willow $148.00
HoH1960 Penny $138.00
Urban Outfitters Le Specs Olympia $69.00
Urban Outfitters Gold Tipped Cat-Eye $18.00

Swimsuits are a must!  Whether you're more comfortable in a one piece or a bikini is totally up to you, so we've provided a range of options.  If you are going to the festival all three days, we recommend taking more than one swimsuit, but again, that's up to you!
Mara Hoffman Swim $248.00 (super pricey, but super adorable!)
Target Ikat Print Two-Piece $22.99
TOPSHOP Vintage Floral Bikini $68.00

Next up, a comfortable top.  Since you'll more than likely be wearing a swimsuit all day, your top should be light weight and easy to store in a bag.  It should serve the purpose of covering you up if you feel like you are getting burned but shouldn't be so heavy that it makes you hot.  Here are a few options from a local Birmingham, AL boutique, SOCA Clothing:
SOCA Clothing - Karlie Crochet Kimono $88.00
SOCA Clothing - Vanessa Mooney crop top $48.00

Shorts are great for festivals because they are easier to roll up and put in a small bag than a skirt or dress.  Not to mention, less fabric=cooler body temperature.
Levi's 501 denim short $58.00
pim+larkin printed short $49.00
TOPSHOP Black Batik Print playsuit $68.00

Shoes!  While you won't need them on the beach, you'll want them when walking between vendors, going on the ferris wheel, etc.  Choose an option that can be easily stored in a small bag or can be looped onto a backpack using a carabiner.  One that is light weight and can be quickly slipped on and off is a plus!
Sam Edelman sandal $89.95
TKEES foundations $50.00

Finally, a small bag is a great accessory to bring to a festival.  It prevents you from having to keep money, IDs, etc in your pockets and can hold shoes and clothing when necessary.  While any small bag will do, we highly recommend a CamelBak.  Super fashionable?  Not especially but having a refillable water pack will make a HUGE difference.  There are filtered water stations all over the festival which makes refilling the pack easy and convenient.
CamelBak Classic $59.00
Target Canvas Carryall $34.99

We hope this post has helped take some of the stress out of packing for a festival.  Have a great weekend!

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