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Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2014 - Nicole Miller

Ready-to-Wear • Spring/Summer 2014 • Fashion Week

Part 4 of 4


From New York it was all about Texas native Nicole Miller.  The collection is the perfect balance of hard and soft.  We just wish her price point didn’t fall under the designer category.  But this is true for most of our favorite designers.  However, Miller also has a less expensive line, nicole by Nicole Miller, that she designs for JCPenny.  This more affordable line is all about colors and prints and is currently super affordable because everything is on sale at  We feature one of our favorite blouses from this line, the lace tunic top, in our third Runway Look for Less. 

Runway Look #1

Matching Separates

Matching separates have been around for a while now, however the recent popularity of the crop top is finally bringing this trend to the forefront.  This look can be worn with a fitted crop top like Beyonce, or with shorts like the look we found from  We also love the look when it's done with a less fitted crop over a skirt or shorts.  Either way it looks and feels like art.    

Runway Look for Less

Top • Monochrome Zig Zag Crop Top - Topshop - $48∞
Shorts • Monochrome Zig Zag Shorts - Topshop - $44∞

Runway Look #2

This runway look is right up our alley.  We love to feel sexy but like to maintain our fun side too.  This look let's you feel pretty and tough at the same time.  Try this look with a leather jacket as well.

Runway Look for Less

Was - $98.65
Now - $65.59

Runway Look #3

The jacket and jeans in this look is a perfect balance of hard and soft.  The leather jacket is tough but the delicate beading adds an element of beauty.  The white denim is angelic, but the slashing, devilish.  We also love the mix of gold, metal, and silver.  Not to mention we've been loving model Chloe Norgarrd and her always  changing hair for a while now.  Here's our Runway Look for Less.

Also, if you need any advice on where to find good denim ask the ladies at Soca.  They're known as the 'denim experts' for a reason.

Runway Look for Less

Jacket • Studded Faux Leather Jacket - Target - Was- $45∞Now - $18∞
Blouse • Lace Tunic Top - JCPenny - Was - $44∞ & Now - $30∞
Jeans • DL1961 Riley "Savage" - Soca - $168∞
Necklace • Spear Me Brass Pendant - Vanessa Mooney - $70∞
Necklace • River High Gold - Vanessa Mooney - $195∞

Watch the full 2014 Spring/Summer RTW Nicole Miller fashion show here.

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